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Custom designs to fit your personal style

Kitchen and Bathroom

Enjoy the Kitchen or Bath You’ve Always Wanted

With the help of Brown’s Home Remodeling, you can have the kitchen or bathroom you’ve always dreamed of owning. Imagine preparing your favorite meals on a beautiful quartz countertop or soaking away the stress of the day in a spacious tub.

Professional Design Service

We’ll work with you to create a custom design that fits within your budget.

Our professional design service will listen to your ideas, examine the available space, and come up with a plan for your new kitchen or bathroom. We are dedicated to personalized service. Every material included in your project is special ordered just for you.

In our showroom, you can see a wide selection of the best kitchen and bath materials on the market. We work with all the leading suppliers, so you’re sure to find the right products for your home.

Bring your ideas to us and let us turn them into reality. FREE estimates are available for any project, so call us today at 209-257-1258 to schedule yours.

Gorgeous Custom Cabinets

Get the Space You Need with Custom Cabinetry

If you struggle to find space in your kitchen to store your utensils and appliances, new cabinets can solve your problems. Brown’s Home Remodeling is your area headquarters for custom cabinetry.

From personalized designs that fit your budget to professional installations that look great, we do it all. Call us at 209-257-1258 for a FREE estimate on custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom.

Explore an Amazing Array of Options

In our showroom, you’ll find a wonderful array of woods, finishes, and styles. We are proud to offer designs of Crystal Custom Cabinets and Waypoint Living Spaces Cabinets. Your custom cabinets can be built in any size, and we offer a large variety of cabinet hardware from Top Knob and other manufacturers.

Bring in your ideas and let us know what you need. We’ll help you find the perfect bathroom or kitchen cabinets for your house.

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Durable Quartz and Granite Countertops

Bring the Classic Look of Stone Into Your Kitchen

One of today’s hottest design trends is to use real stone to build your countertops. With the services of Brown’s Home Remodeling, you can bring the classic look of stone into your kitchen. In our showroom, you’ll see samples of gorgeous quartz and granite from all the leading countertop manufacturers.

To learn more about installing granite, quartz, or Formica countertops, please contact us today at 209-257-1258. We’ll be glad to give you a FREE estimate.

You Will Love the Low Maintenance and Enduring Strength

Solid surface countertops are designed to come in one piece and give your kitchen an ultra-clean look. All our countertops are made to order, so it’s no trouble to get a specialty countertop that fits a unique space or special need.

Granite countertops provide you with an ultra-smooth surface and are very strong. Quartz countertops are also quite strong and require very little maintenance. Both look great in any home, and our installation team is exceptional. Contact us today to learn more about stepping up to stone countertops.

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Plumbing & Lighting

Proper Lighting Changes the Entire Feeling of a Room

When thinking about the ambiance and atmosphere in your home, lighting can be one of the most fundamental elements. Brighter lights can make you feel alert and awake, and dimmer, softer lights can be relaxing. Let us help design your dream space!

Plumbing is More Than Just Pipes

Outdated plumbing fixtures can easily be upgraded to beautifully modern choices to enhance the beauty and style of your kitchen or bathroom. Brown’s Home Remodeling offers a wide choice of styles to fit your budget. Our design staff is always ready to discuss your remodeling project and help select the perfect solution.

Let Our Experienced Design Staff Guide You

Picking out a lighting fixture or faucet can be overwhelming with all the finishes and styles to choose from! Don’t worry- We’ve got you covered! Let Brown’s design a special place for you.

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Bling for your home!

Beautiful cabinet hardware is like jewelry for your cabinets, it adds style and elegance to your home. From bright and airy metallics, to long sleek gold drawer pulls, or delicate hardware intended for other rooms and furniture, your space can be uniquely your’s. Let us help make that happen!

We have a full display of hardware to choose from ranging from simplistic beauty to elegantly refined styles. Too many options to choose from? Not to worry. Our design staff is always here to help.

The below links are provided as a sample of our offerings.